Travelling never felt so good! Here in Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring, you’ll always be welcome by beautiful smiles that catch your spirit, and find yourself surrounded by natural richness and ancient values, bringing you closer to a peace of mind. Our pathways take you to this while you can experience rural and Mayan communities, through the immersion in their livelihood and reality in the more authentic context, even if you’re up for an adventure in nature.

Travelling with us means


Experiences for everyone

Experiencing Guatemala means getting in touch with nature through jungle treks, Mayan archaeological expeditions, active volcanoes hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, enjoying white and black sand beaches and learning at wildlife/forest rescue and conservation projects. If you prefer to slowdown then you have many options too, from exploring traditional villages, getting inspired by ancient cosmovision, making art according to local techniques and visit handcrafts workshops to taking specialized coffee tours or other agrotourism activities, having food experiences, practicing urban walking and even learning about the 36 years war and the peace process.

Commitment to well-being

We strongly believe tourism is a pathway to people’s well-being, for both travellers and locals. It can enhance the Guatemalan culture and it’s preservation, foster environmental and natural resources protection, make visible the role of women, create decent jobs that value what people are and their livelihood, among other benefits. We’ve chosen to commit to community-based tourism as an effective strategy to contribute to these matters. We’ve partnered with 23 communities, mostly located in the Mayan Highlands, Petén, Verapaces and the Pacific Coast, aiming for a brighter future not only for those directly involved but for everyone around.

Mindset and practices matching the path

We really mean to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations, this is the reason we’ve decided to specialize in private and customized experiences for independent travellers and small groups. It allows us to strike a balance of our sustainable philosophy at the time it makes easier to manage logistics in a community context. How is so? Some of the experiences are carried out in the house or workshops of the hosts, which are small living spaces where their family are present too. Even nature is thankful to be treated respectfully and you’ll appreciate this to blend into the place. This mindset is useful to deliver a more personal and true immersive experience for you, but also for our partner families, projects, communities and organizations, maximizing the benefits for all and contributing to reduce the environmental and social impact of our activities in the destinations.

You can learn more on our Community Tourism model in the link below.

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